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The cast of “Teen Wolf” returns for season 5Б in a few days and already, character deaths have been hinted: will Lydia be among them?

“Teen Wolf” season 5b returns on New Year’s Eve and MTV isn’t backing down in releasing teasers about what’s to come for the cast of the hit TV series. While there’s still a lot going on with Scott McCall, portrayed by cast member Tyler Posey, and his pack, Lydia will be leading the show as it opens.

Holland Roden’s Lydia will be making the first appearance as “Teen Wolf” returns for the second part of it’s latest chapter, season 5b. Showrunner Jeff Davis said, “You see the very first image [of the premiere in the trailer].”

“It’s Lydia in the water approaching that bridge where Theo killed his sister. That’s one of the mysteries, why did Theo kill his sister, that we deal with right at the beginning of 5B. It’s a fun story,” added Davis.

Now that the teenagers from Beacon Hills are moving forward adulthood and will soon be graduating from high school, a more treacherous path lies ahead. “Teen Wolf” season 5b returns will the full cast, but it has been speculated that again, a major character death could be looming on the horizon.

It was in season 3 of “Teen Wolf” when cast member Crystal Reed, who portrayed Scott’s then-sweetheart Allison Argent decided to leave the show, and in turn, having her character killed in the 23rd episode titled “Insatiable,” making major character deaths in the coming season 5b a possibility.

“Teen Wolf” season 5b will return this coming New Year’s Eve, and according to Variety, “MTV will carry a marathon of its Internet video clip show ‘Ridiculousness’ leading up to midnight. As 2016 begins, the cabler will show the six-minute cold open from ‘Teen Wolf’s’ season 5B premiere, which bows in full on Jan. 5.”

There’s no telling which favorite “Teen Wolf” character will leave this season 5b, however, with Lydia being all front-and-center lately, some speculations are pointing towards this chapter being her last. Will cast member Holland Roden leave after “Teen Wolf” season 5b? Thoughts?

Cuore Magazine – Scan

Posted by Admin on
December 26th, 2015

Thanks to our friends from Teen Wolf Spain@TeenWolfSp we added well quality magazine scan from spanish magazine – Cuore. There is some scoop on Teen Wolf and biographical information about Holland Roden. You can see magazine scan in our photo gallery:

Натиснете за да видите снимката уголемена

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Magazine Scans > 2015 > Cuore Magazine

Colton Haynes Birthday Message To Holland Roden

Posted by Admin on
October 8th, 2015

Photoshoot Additions

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May 3rd, 2015

I have updated the gallery with missing photoshoots of Holland. To view them, please click on the thumbnails below.

Dubstep Party – Music Video – BTS

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February 13th, 2015

Holland was on the set of a music video on third day of shooting. We finally have the name of the group and it’s Dubstep Party which contains especially Ken Franklin , Matt Moore , Xander Burmer , Luke Paquin and Ben Eisen . You can find pictures of BTS in the gallery. The music video will be released in two weeks.

Miscellaneous > Dubstep Party – Music Video – BTS

Relaunch is coming soon

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December 9th, 2014


Hello adorable fans of Holland Roden! As you may know Teen Wolf is on a long hiatus until summer 2015 and Holland is not too busy on her career for now! But we will continue to give you everything for talanted Holland Roden. Relaunch of HollandRodenDaily.Net is coming really soon. I will try to come back in January, 2015 with a lot of suprises! Our gallery will be updated frequently.

Happy 28th Birthday, Holland Roden!

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October 7th, 2014

Holland is celebrating her 28th birthday today. I would like to wish her a very happy birthday today. I hope she has a fantastic day spent with her loved ones.


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