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TV Guide – Outtakes 2015

Posted by Admin on
February 4th, 2016

I added two new photos from TV Guide which Holland and Teen Wolf cast did last year on Comic Con. You can see pictures in HQ in gallery:


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New stills from Teen Wolf Season 5

Posted by Admin on
February 3rd, 2016

I added two MQ stills from recent episode – 5×15 “Amplification” and two MQ stills from next week episode 5×16  Lie Ability. Check out pictures in the gallery:


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Entertainment Weekly posted a video on their YouTube with Holland Roden and her thoughts on Stiles and Lydia’s friendship with Malia. Check out video below and see screencaptures in the gallery:

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Teen Wolf 5×15 Amplification – Screencaptures

Posted by Admin on
February 3rd, 2016

I added 97 HD screencaptures from last night’s Teen Wolf episode which was amazing for me. You can see all scenes with Lydia below:

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Teen Wolf 5×16 “Lie Ability” – Promo

Posted by Admin on
February 3rd, 2016

Next episode is going ot be insane! Get a look in the video below:

Get a look at the next episode of Teen Wolf 5×16 "Lie Ability"

Posted by Teen Wolf Instinct on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Interview for Hollywood Life

Posted by Admin on
February 2nd, 2016

Hollywood Life shared recent interview with Holland!

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If Teen Wolf’s ambitious timelines have left you feeling confused this season, we’ve got good news: We’ve officially caught up to the season 5 premiere, and from here, things will proceed in a more linear fashion.

“I think this is the point in Teen Wolf where it’s the equivalent to Lost’s episodes where finally you realize they’re on the island, they’re actually in real time,” Holland Roden tells EW. “It took so long to get there but thank you for sticking with us because we’re there. It is now current time moving forward for the rest of the season.”

And the good news doesn’t end there for Lydia. With the next two episodes working as a two-parter all about rescuing Lydia from Eichen, Roden is ready to leave catatonic Lydia in the past. “The thing I like about Lydia’s character this season is she now just gets to hone those [banshee] skills and actually use them for good within the town. She’s not quite as confused for the rest of the season,” she says, adding, “Playing the non-confused Lydia has been a refreshing take versus Eichen House.” 

But Lydia’s escape from Eichen won’t just change her mentally. As fans can expect, Lydia will get back to her fashionista ways as quickly as possible. “Funnily enough, Lydia does not have Eichen PTSD when it comes to her wardrobe,” Roden says. “She just snaps it right back together, naturally so.”

However, there could be a bit of emotional PTSD for her to deal with. “She has certain flashbacks, but those flashbacks actually help her solve the problems in Beacon Hills going forward.”

And speaking of helping Beacon Hills, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis previously told EW that Lydia could be the key to saving everyone from The Beast. As far as Roden’s concerned, it’s a responsibility that Lydia’s ready to handle.

“I definitely think that she plays a pinnacle role in helping save the town, if not one of THE leading roles,” she says. “She has the supernatural power and she’s also not too much in the midst of the pack — she has a bit of a birds-eye view of what’s going on, not only because of her banshee power but because she hasn’t been around for a while. And she’s had so much loss around her. I mean, my God, she cannot keep a boyfriend alive [and she lost] her best friend, so I think that puts her in a good position to truly lead the pack home.”

On the topic of boyfriends, Roden teased some “interesting” scenes between Lydia and Parrish, along with a solid connection with Stiles. “Stiles and Lydia definitely work on their friendship this season I think because they just realize how much they’ve been through together,” she says, adding, “I would say Malia is also somebody that she warms up to as well. They all realize they’re after the same goal and so there’s really no reason to make enemies. Malia is somebody she definitely grows closer to as well.”

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Source: EW

Scott’s pack is busting Lydia out of Eichen House on tonight’s Teen Wolf (MTV, 9/8c), and not a moment too soon if you ask me — or star Holland Roden.

You’ll be happy to know that, although Roden admits she enjoyed some aspects of life at Eichen House (“Insane-Asylum Lydia gets to wear sweatpants!”), she’s just as glad as you are that the time jump-y show is finally catching up to itself.

“I can’t tell you how many times I had to repeat the same scenes in different sequences from different angles over and over and over,” she tells TVLine. “I was like, ‘If I’m not trained for a David Fincher movie right now, I don’t know what will train me for it.’ I did that scene for over a year, the one where I’m in the bed with Valack.”

And before you judge Lydia’s mom too harshly for shipping her off to a facility fit for American Horror Story, Roden clarifies that Mrs. Martin’s portrayer, Susan Walters, also takes issue with her character’s ignorance.

Recalls Roden, “Susan was saying, ‘This place needs cleaning! I would never leave her here!’ But we needed someone to get her back to Eichen House. And she’s not like Stilinski; she doesn’t know what’s really going on in her child’s life.”

So, what’s next for Lydia after her pals bust her out? A lot, apparently.

“Lydia’s definitely one of the main probes that concludes the season,” Roden teases. “She’s going to be one of the main causes of bringing all of these big villains together.”

But first: Get pumped, “Stydia” ‘shippers! Though Stiles’ schoolboy crush on Lydia has fizzled out, Roden says the two “grow closer this season. hey learn to appreciate each other, and what they’ve been through. There are some key moments that I think will make people happy.”

Are you glad Lydia is finally breaking free? And are you excited to see her (platonic) reunion with Stiles?

Source: TV Line

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