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Holland Roden
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Sending Gifts & Autograph Requests to Holland

This is from a US perspective, but the general guidelines should be valid for other countries. Have fun!

Please keep in mind that Holland receives a lot of fan mail and depending on the volume, it could take months to be processed. There is no guarantee that you will get a reply. If you are requesting an autograph or photos, it is suggested that you include a self-addressed stamped envelope, but this is still no guarantee you will get a response.

A Note About Gifts.

Holland  loves and appreciates all of his fans and enjoys the cards, letters and gifts she receives. We know that many of you would like to send her something to show your appreciation for her work, but we would discourage this as the amount of gifts now being sent have become quite overwhelming. Instead, take the money you would have spent on an item and donate it to the charity of your choice, or one of those Holland support. Send a letter about your gift to the fan mail address instead. Holland will appreciate it just as much as any gift and someone less fortunate will benefit from your kindness.


Letters: If you are sending a fan letter and are not requesting an autographed photo, a standard sized business envelope is perfect. Well I know some stationary comes with odd sized envelopes, but keep in mind that your letter will receive several stampings at the Post Office and there needs to be room to do this.



Make sure proper postage is secured to your envelope. If you include a self-addressed stamped envelope, make sure it also has the correct postage.

The Letter.

The fun part in sending a fan letter is figuring out what to say. This part I will leave up to you. Keep in mind that legibility is a big factor. Holland has to be able to read it. I would also recommend putting your return address on the letter. Letter and envelope easily become separated and you don’t want poor Holland scrambling around trying to find your address, do you?

If you are writing to request an autograph, CLEARLY make the request near the beginning of your letter.

Agency Mail Handling.

All of Holland’s mail goes through a fan mail service. You cannot assume that every item is opened by Holland, so if you don’t want it seen by others, don’t send it. She does try to read as much of her mail as possible and appreciates all the sentiments that are sent.